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Playoff Superstitions.

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They did it! The Bruins won the Cup! I’ve been following some insane superstitions series after series and one of them was of course, not mentioning them and now I can! So, the following are all that I followed for two months.

  • Bruins t-shirt every game day but not Lucic because they always lose when I wear his shirt
  • No jersey while watching a game, only if attending
  • Up until Game Six against the Lightning, my nails had to be gold with shatter on top. I couldn’t repaint them until the Bruins won a series and then I had to do it that night
  • The day of Game Six against the Lightning I got fake nails that were black with yellow tips. Had to keep them until this morning.
  • Cannot listen to “Dirty Water” or the goal song on the day of the game
  • I HAVE to be wearing underwear that is yellow and black
  • Starting with the Finals, I had to drive by the Garden on my way to school
  • During the Lightning series I could not wear my Bruins slap bracelet
  • Had┬áto get a Horton tattoo when he got the game winner in Game 7 against the Lightning
  • After every series my BBM picture had to be whoever got the jacket in the last game of the series
  • Also my BBM status had to be whatever series they were in
  • I could drink strictly out of my Bruins playoff cup on game days
  • My Facebook and Twitter picture HAD to be me at Garden center ice on the B
  • Last but not least, I’ve been carrying a fortune cookie saying in my phone case for a while this season. It says “A pleasant surprise is in store for you”