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Because (the ad campaign was so much better last year) It’s the Cup

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History Happens in Double OT

History Doesn’t Let Up

History Doesn’t Let History Repeat

History Doesn’t Act Its Age

History Lets Nothing By

History Awaits

History is Back in Boston

History Makes a Statement

History Rides the Hot Hand

History Works Fast

History Returns to Boston


Playoff Superstitions.

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They did it! The Bruins won the Cup! I’ve been following some insane superstitions series after series and one of them was of course, not mentioning them and now I can! So, the following are all that I followed for two months.

  • Bruins t-shirt every game day but not Lucic because they always lose when I wear his shirt
  • No jersey while watching a game, only if attending
  • Up until Game Six against the Lightning, my nails had to be gold with shatter on top. I couldn’t repaint them until the Bruins won a series and then I had to do it that night
  • The day of Game Six against the Lightning I got fake nails that were black with yellow tips. Had to keep them until this morning.
  • Cannot listen to “Dirty Water” or the goal song on the day of the game
  • I HAVE to be wearing underwear that is yellow and black
  • Starting with the Finals, I had to drive by the Garden on my way to school
  • During the Lightning series I could not wear my Bruins slap bracelet
  • Had to get a Horton tattoo when he got the game winner in Game 7 against the Lightning
  • After every series my BBM picture had to be whoever got the jacket in the last game of the series
  • Also my BBM status had to be whatever series they were in
  • I could drink strictly out of my Bruins playoff cup on game days
  • My Facebook and Twitter picture HAD to be me at Garden center ice on the B
  • Last but not least, I’ve been carrying a fortune cookie saying in my phone case for a while this season. It says “A pleasant surprise is in store for you”




I love Hockey

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Shawn Thornton following the Bruins win over the Blackhawks 3/29

Shawn Thornton took a skate to the face on Tuesday night as the Bruins blanked the defending Stanley Cup champions the Chicago Blackhawks by a tally of 3-0. Did Thornton lie on the ice, bleeding all over the place and wait for the trainer to come to him? Nope. Thornton got up and skated over to head down the tunnel to get medical attention. Well, he tried at least. From loge 19 it looked like Thornton decked a ref but alas, the ref was trying to hold back the forward from a chirping Blackhawks bench. That’s right. Thornton is literally gushing blood and dripping it on the ice….and the Blackhawks bench is taunting him…..and Thornton tries to fight whoever said it.

That is fantastic.

And that is one of the reasons that I love hockey.

This is so old! I’m mad I forgot to publish it!

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#4 is Still Magic (written on January 17th)


Hats came raining down from all levels of the TD Garden this Monday afternoon in celebration of Captain Zdeno Chara’s first career hat trick. Recently named to the NHL All-Star game, Chara becomes the fourth defenseman in Bruins history to record a hat trick.

The 6’9″ Chara, who averages the third most amount of ice time in the NHL with 26:17 per game, is now in the company of Bobby Orr, Ray Bourque and Glen Wesley as Bruins blue liners with hat tricks.

Glen Wesley, who ironically spent the majority of his career with the Carolina Hurricanes, posted the most recent trick on March 15th, 1993 in a game against New Jersey. Prior to that Ray Bourque became the second Boston d-man to get three goals in a single game.

Even before that? It should not even be a question. Number 4, Bobby Orr. Not only did Bobby Orr have one hat trick like the rest of Boston Bruins defenseman but he had nine.

Maybe I am just weird with numbers for thinking this, but I would be pretty pleased to have the number four spot as a Bruins defenseman to get a hat trick.

Hats off Chara.

Stuart Re-Activated

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According to a tweet from @NHLBruins, Mark Stuart has been reactivated from the LTIR and Matt Bartkowski has been reassigned to Providence.

Throught 23 games Stuart has 2 assists, 23 penalty minutes and is a +3. Bartkowski has appeared in 2 games with 2 penalty minutes.

Which defenseman will be in the press box in Stuart’s place? Steven Kampfer has proved to be more than the team bargained for as call up with 4 goals and 2 assists through 18 games. To put it in perspective, Kampfer only had 7 collegiate goals in his time at the University of Michigan.



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Did I not call that? I called Bergeron’s hat trick yesterday. I knew it was coming. I was lucky enough to get a cheap ticket to tonight game. When Bergeron got two goals, as I do whenever someone has a two goal game, I joked, “Here comes the hat trick.”

After a false trick I knew Bergy was not gonna leave this game with a third LEGIT goal. Then at 5:04 Bergeron completed the hat trick. The first of his career.

In my Bergeron jersey all the way in the balcony I screamed so hard I lost my voice. If I had a hat it would be on the ice. Bergeron. First career hat trick. Congrats buddy!

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