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Because (the ad campaign was so much better last year) It’s the Cup

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History Happens in Double OT

History Doesn’t Let Up

History Doesn’t Let History Repeat

History Doesn’t Act Its Age

History Lets Nothing By

History Awaits

History is Back in Boston

History Makes a Statement

History Rides the Hot Hand

History Works Fast

History Returns to Boston


Happy Playoffs

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Here’s my favorite new “History Will Be Made” commercial as well as some other 2010 playoff videos.

(watch the whole playlist that’s linked!)


Don’t Ignore Us!

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This past Sunday marked the final regular season game of the NHL season. I’m sad to see it go but I’m exhilarated to see the Bruins in the playoffs as well as to see the Oilers get the first overall draft pick.

That same Sunday I made the trip to New Jersey to see the Bruins tuck their season away in a match up against the New Jersey Devils. They lost 3-2 but it has to be one of my favorite game experiences of the entire season….and I’ve been to over 20 games. Tuukka made a real intense save, Peverley scored and there is always the cheering for the enemy aspect. And being able to joke about the Devils not being in the playoffs and making golf swing motions was great too.

The best part?

so many signs!

We turned the corner from where we had parked in the parking garage and suddenly we saw a sea of blue. Huh? The Devils wear red…For a second I wasn’t sure if these were Devils fans that had some weird thing going. But every single jersey was a Nordiques jersey. The defunct team the Quebec Nordiques still have some of the most passionate fans, probably better than most NHL fans.

Just in the plaza of the Prudential Center you’d think you were going to a Nordiques game. I’d heard about this happening before when Nordiques fans go to other games in masses in order to prove that they still exist. They sure can fill the arena better than the home teams fans.

Whether they spoke French or English, these people were extremely interesting. One of the people I went with was wearing a Thomas jersey and if you can recall, Thomas was drafted by the Nordiques. He never played for them because the team was sold before he could. He never even got a jersey from the draft. The fans in blue were so excited to tell us how much they love Tim Thomas and that they are rooting for the Bruins in the playoffs.

A fan's sign

Inside the game it was a blast and the Nordiques fans made the environment outstanding. We met up with a Devils fan who attends game on the regular who told us that the arena was never as loud as it was on that particular Sunday afternoon.

That is no surprise. The Nordiques fans filled the corners of the balcony on both ends and were scattered through out otherwise. At the 16 minute mark of each period they let out a huge roar that electrified the whole building.

They had many French chants during the game as well as “Nordiques Nation” going strong. Security did not know how to control the mass of fans who had come as the group of that same name. The Nation came down a day prior stopping in NYC with a message in Times Square to the NHL about their team. Buses could be seen all around Newark from Quebec that they had taken to the game. This group is serious.

Later in the game balloons were bopped around in the crowd before security managed to stop that. In the final three minutes of the game the aisles in the lower bowl were suddenly flooded with Nordiques fans who stormed down the stairs. They were screaming and cheering while chanting “Nordiques Nation!” I couldn’t help but join in. I loved the passion. These people were genius.

Being a part of such an event was the coolest. It made the long drive totally worth it. I hope Quebec gets another team. The fans are there for sure, and hey, maybe even this will come true:

Myself, a Nordiques fan, Katie and Jeremy.

I love Hockey

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Shawn Thornton following the Bruins win over the Blackhawks 3/29

Shawn Thornton took a skate to the face on Tuesday night as the Bruins blanked the defending Stanley Cup champions the Chicago Blackhawks by a tally of 3-0. Did Thornton lie on the ice, bleeding all over the place and wait for the trainer to come to him? Nope. Thornton got up and skated over to head down the tunnel to get medical attention. Well, he tried at least. From loge 19 it looked like Thornton decked a ref but alas, the ref was trying to hold back the forward from a chirping Blackhawks bench. That’s right. Thornton is literally gushing blood and dripping it on the ice….and the Blackhawks bench is taunting him…..and Thornton tries to fight whoever said it.

That is fantastic.

And that is one of the reasons that I love hockey.

“Well I have an older brother…”

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My younger sister, my older brother and I

I’ve had two job interviews this week for co-ops that are within the world of sports. On both occasions the question came up: “How did you get interested in sports?”

To each question I almost didn’t need to speak more than a sentence before getting a reaction. I started, “Well, I have an older brother,” which garnered the response “Enough said!” from one interviewer. From there I had to tell the rest of my tale.

Honestly it is my older brother that made me the sports obsessed gal that I am. Sometimes I wonder how it happened but it is truly all due in part to him and his always getting what he wanted.

Growing up I was involved in sports — softball and basketball — but neither of my parents were coaches or really involved. They did come to most if not all of my games. My brother on the other hand, had my dad as a baseball coach. This meant that there was borderline no excuse to go to my brothers games. I didn’t really care, I was little so my sister and I would go collect rocks or convince my mom to buy us slush through out the games.

From being in the environment so much it did draw a bit of an interest for me to join in my brother and my dad when they’d watch baseball. Both were eager to point out what was happening in the game so I’d understand. My brother played football too as well as basketball but never hockey (which is ironic).

In terms of my brother getting what he wanted, he was kind of a brat when sports were on television. My old house had one big TV that we all watched and if hockey was on or baseball were on, I had no chance in watching some cartoon I wanted to. But in the end I’d end up watching the game with barely any idea as to what was happening.

This fully continued more recently. My parents divorced when I was 7 and my brother went to live with my dad shortly thereafter so sports disappeared for a while. I had a brief love affair with the Boston Celtics and, like everyone else on the East Coast, the Red Sox. It wasn’t until I was 16 with my own car that I started hanging out with my dad and brother on the regular at my dad’s house a town away. That’s when hockey returned to my life.

My brother quit sports in high school and focused on skateboarding because he thought he was awful at all other sports. I showed a bit of interest in the Bruins when my brother and I would watch it together. Now he would explain in depth to me what was happening, who the players were and why I just need to hate the Montreal Canadiens. Around this time I was slowly falling in love with the Bruins I went to my first game.

Best. Day. Ever. I’d gotten my first ever paycheck from my first job two days prior and was at the mall buying my first pair of UGG boots when my brother called my cell phone. No one ever called me so it was a shock that one, I had my phone with me and two, that it was my brother calling me. My brother was real excited, “Hey do you wanna go to the Bruins game with me and dad tonight?”

That was all. We didn’t even have tickets. My dad got scalped club seats outside. Bruins vs. Sabres, November 10th 2007. I remember being so shocked they won. It was such a blast.

I didn’t get to another game until the notorious Dallas Stars game on November 1st, 2008. That is what did it for me. Between the first and second period I had already dubbed Patrice Bergeron my favorite player and begged my dad to buy me his t-shirt. From there forth, I was either beside my brother at my dad’s watching games or my brother came to me.

It just became so awesome spending that time with my brother and my dad. The Bruins really helped my brother and I develop a close relationship. So as it turns out, without my brother, I might not care one bit about my biggest passion today.

And my Brad Marchand jersey couldn’t come in any sooner….

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Watch this video (because I apparently can’t put up the player) and you will be glad.

Did Brad Marchand call himself “big and tough?” How tall is he again? That’s right, about my height.

Cuts for a Cause '10

I’m 5’6″ just for the record.

(Sidenote: I think Marchand is a force. I just like any excuse to talk about how teeny he is. I love when he stands next to Chara.)

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