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Should I Write Again?

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Probably. I just get too bored to do so but I’m spending the summer in Toronto so it’s almost worth writing about. Maybe?

Not really.

But I’ve never been this far away from home before so when I chose to come here people kind of thought it was a joke.

“Canada? America’s hat?”
“Wow, you’re wasting your study abroad in Toronto?”
“Go somewhere actually exciting.”
“That’s practically Boston.”
“You’re taking your obsession with hockey too far.”

Honestly, there is a whole bunch of reasons I wanted to come here and first of all I ask, have you ever been to Toronto? Like hop off associating a city completely with its sports team. Oh hilarious, the Leafs are awful, the Jays are awful and the Raptors are awful. I like sports but anyone that chooses a specific city based solely on their favorite sports team or sport is a moron. Obviously a lot of people move to towns where they love a particular team — I’ve had my friends do it — and it’s more than a team. You go somewhere because you want to see that team and sometimes, everything else just falls into place. You find yourself getting past the touristy stuff and wanting to figure out the heart of the city. And that’s what it is.

The first time I came to Toronto last year was the time of my life. My friends and I came just go to the Memorial Cup over in Mississauga. Junior hockey for dayssssss. It’s right outside Toronto so naturally we came to hang out in Toronto and it just ruled. I met so many people, many of whom I still talk to, and went all over the city and did some of the most ridiculous stuff ever. I almost describe it as being like “The Hangover” except in Canada and not Vegas. What I really liked about it too is we got a chance to see a bit outside the city too. It was only Mississauga that we stayed in but we did a bit of a tour of other junior towns and it was fun to see. I came again in December and March and while those two trips were not as epic, they were great. That’s when I knew I loved this city. I could do random casual stuff and it just felt like I wanted to be here.

I’ve never been this far away from home and separated from my parents for this long so it kind of makes me nervous. I never went to camp or that far for college and while I barely go back home, my home always seems to come to me. I honestly can’t imagine going to like, China or even a place I’d love to go like Australia. It would be too unfamiliar. If I’m going to go completely out of my comfort zone and where I know next to no one, then I want a bit of familiarity.

I didn’t pick for this to be a “study abroad” but my school labeled it that way because despite similarities, yes, Canada is a different country and yes, it is international.

I really didn’t think it’d be too different but I guess I kind of only saw it as a visitor before. Now that I’m here for a longer amount of time I’m noticing a lot more things. Random things. Like everyone drives a Mercedes, wears a scarf or sweater and does not jay-walk. Much to everyone’s surprise, not everyone is a  gigantic hockey fan. It’s like baseball really. It’s on everywhere and everyone seems to be born with a knowledge of it and everyone plays it.

It’s fun and to everyone that has this weird shtick that Canada sucks and is boring, you’ve probably never been here. Or you’re probably just a boring person. Personally I could spend the rest of my life here. Me gusta.


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